Yellow Pages

As will tell you, entries that link to a website will get more replies than those that don't. However will charge you £375.00 a year to host your website rather than £24.95 so why pay more? We will also show you how to link your site to facebook and Google local pages.

Free for ever!

The cost of developing and hosting your website is £24.95 for the first year and £20.00 a year thereafter. However, once your website is up and running and you introduce a business friend or colleague who also takes up a website, then you can have the next year free rather than pay £20.00. Introduce two friends and get two free years and so on. So spending that initial £24.95 could buy your businesss a lot of promotion for the outlay.

Extra pages.

Although in a lot of cases a single page may be all you'll need to promote yourself, you may wish to add a picture gallery, or a special promotion page or comment page, whatever. No problem, you can add as many as you wish. The cost of a second page is an extra £10.00 and then £5.00 a page thereafter. The ongoing annual cost of £20.00 for future years will remain the same. But we do reserve the right to refuse or charge extra should the extra pages be overly complicated.


Minor alterations to the site we will do free, but we reserve the right to charge a nominal amount for major or structural changes.

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